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Dear Guests,when you are deciding to travel to Bhutan, you can have a variety of choices where by you can come to Bhutan for the Festival Tours, Or Cultural Tours, Or Bhutan Treks through the various exciting trek routes, OR you could combine, festival with a cultural tour, or maybe festival with trek and cultural sight seeing etc. All that you need to do is contact us and let us know your thoughts and preferences and we can help you decide the best tour for you.

Dear Guests,This is for your information that we have uploaded only certain tours packages on our website,just so that you can get an idea of such similar tours, These uploaded tours are not mandatory.

You can tell us the number of days you want to tour Bhutan and accordingly we will get back to you with the best suitable Tour itinerary for you. Also,you can tell us your tour preferences like any activities eg. walks,treks or hikes you would want during the tour,or preferences regarding your place of choice in Bhutan. In brief you can tell us what ever you want. We will then guide you and help you to make the best choice.



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