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The Awesome Sonwman Trek

Day 01: Paro – Shana (Distance: 17km, Time: about 5 ½ hours). Drive up to Drugyel Dzong where the trek begins. The trail follows the river gently uphill through a narrowing agricultural valley and passes by village houses. Camp is just beyond an army post at an altitude of 2,800m.

Day 02: Shana – Soi Thangthangkha, Continue uphill through the river valley, which narrows as the trail winds along the drainage. Camp in a meadow in stone shelters for trekkers.

Day 03: Soi Thangthangkha – Jangothang (Distance: 19km, Time: about 5 ½ hours). Further up the Pa Chhu, pass a small army post where the valley begins to widen again to offer views of high ridges and snow – capped Peaks. You may being to see Yak herder’s winter homes. Camp beneath a ruined fort at the base of Mount Jomolhari at an altitude of 4,040 m.

Day 04: Jangothang – Lingshi (Distance: 19km, Time: About 5 ½ hours). There are wide Yak Pastures on the way up and down the pass and, depending on the season of your visit, you may see nomads in their Yak tents. If the weather is clear, there are great views of Lingshi Dzong as you come down into the Lingshi basin. Tserim Gang and its descending Glaciers are at the north and of the valley. Camp is in a stone Shelter or in tent at an altitude of 4,150m.

Day 05: Lingshi – Chebisa (Distance: 12km; time; about 5 ½ hours). Today is the shortest walking day and you can really take it easy. On reaching camp at Chebisa village you can visit village houses. Altitude: 3,850m.

Day 06: Chebisa – Shomuthang (Distance: 17km, Time: about 6hours). The walk is through wild high pastures. Cross Gohula pass at altitude 4,358m. Camp above a river on a tributary to the Mo Chhu, which flows out just below Gasa Tsachu (Gasa hot spring) at an altitude of 4,260m.

Day 07: Shomuthangkha – Robluthang (Distance: 15km, Time: about 5hours). This day starts early. After crossing Jarela pass, altitude 4,600m, you drop to Tsharijathang valley where herds of Takin are normally seen. Overnight un camp at an altitude of 4,390m.

Day 08: Robluthang – Lemithang (Distance: 19km, Time: about 6 ½ hours). After crossing Shinglela pass, altitude 4,900m, descend to follow the valley. Lemithang is in the Laya. Pass by Laya villages and camp beneath Kan Che Da, the great Tiger Mountain at an altitude of 4,135m.

Day 09: Lemithang – Laya (Distance: 10km, Time: About 4 ½ hours). The route descends along a closed – in winding river valley. The trial split, with one train following the river down. The other stays high leading to the west of Laya Village. Camp on a high flat bench above the east end of Laya village at an altitude of 1,268 ft.

Day10: Laya – Laya, Visit village houses or hike in and around the camp.

Day 11: Laya: Roduphu (Distance: 19km, time: about 8 ½ hours). Overnight in camp at an altitude of 4,150 m.

Day 12: Roduphu – Narithang (Distance: 17km, Time: about 7 ½ hours). Cross Tsimola pass (4,700m) overnight in camp at altitude: 4, 220 m.

Day13: Narithang – Tarina (Distance: 18km, Time about 7 ½ hours). Cross Ganglakarchungla pass, altitude 5,100metres. Overnight in camp at 3,900 metres.

Day 14: Tarina – Woche (Distance 15km, time: about 6 hours). On arrival at the camp, visit a village house of woche. The Lunana area begins here. Camp at altitude of 3, 800m.

Day 15: Woche –Lhedi (Distance: 18km, Time: about 7 ½ hours). Cross Kechela pass, altitude 4,500m. Stop at Thega village en route. Overnight in camp at an altitude of 3,650m.

Day 16: Lhedi – Thanza (Distance: 19km, Time: about 7 ½ hours). En route visit Chezo Dzong. Camp at an altitude of 4,000m.

Day 17: Thanza – Thanza. Visit houses and mingle with the people of Thanza. Or hike in and around the camp. Overnight in camp.

Day 18: Thanza: – Tshochena (Distance: 18km, Time: about 7 ½ hours). Cross Jazela pass, Altitude: 5,900m, overnight in camp at an altitude of 4,800m.

Day 19: Tshochena – Jichu Dramo (Distance: 14km, time: about 61/2 hours). Cross Lojula pass, altitude: 5,940m. Overnight in camp at an altitude of 4,400m.

Day 20: Jichu Dramo – Churkapo (Distance: 18km, time: about 8hours). Cross Rinchenzoe pass, altitude: 5,140m. Overnight in camp at an altitude of 4,290m.

Day 21: Churkapo – Tampetso (Distance: 20km, Time: about 8 ½ hours). Cross Tamplela pass, altitude: 4,550m. Pass Umtso Lake where Terton Pema Lingpa discovered religious treasures. Overnight in camp at an altitude of 4,000m.

Day22: Tampetso – Maorothang (Distance: 23km, time: about 7 ½ hours). Today, the trek is downhill through rhododendron bushes to the camp. The camp is near the Nikka Chhu (river). Overnight in camp at an altitude of 3,410m.

Day 23: Maorothang – Nikkachhu Chazam (Distance: 23km, time: about 7 ½ hours). Today is your last day of walking. The trail passes through the fields and villages of Sephu. Overnight in camp at an altitude of 2,650m.

Day24: Nikachhu Chazam – Thimphu: after breakfast, 5hours drive to Thimphu crossing over the Pelela pass (3,300m). Overnight in hotel.

Note: It is also possible to try out the route from Punakha instead of starting from paro. For this you will have to drive to Punakha and then start trekking. This would mean you will have to halt at once at Tashithang, Goen Damji, and Gasa hot Spring). Koena and then to Laya you will take the normal trek route. However, it is important to note that soon Gasa will also be connected by motorable road. Thus, you will have to halt only at Koena before you reach Laya to take the normal route.Example Treks from Thimphu.