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Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Day 01: Thimphu – Talekha
Drive to the institute of language and cultural Studies at Simtokha where the ponies are waiting. The trail leads through blue pine and evergreen forests till Talekha village. The village, which lies at an altitude of 2,925m, is reached after a difficult 2 hours ascent followed by a pleasant 2 hours walk through forests of tall blue pines. Overnight in camp near the Lhakhang in Talekha.

Day 02: Talekha – Japhuna
Continue gradually up through thick blue pine, evergreen forests and oak trees, then into soft pine and spruce forest for about 2 ½ hours till the tree line ends. Gross the jelezela pass at an altitude of 4,000m. Breathtaking views of Thimphu and the surrounding areas can be seen. Further north, marvelous views of the mountain ranges can be seen. Descend for an hour and then, after two ridges, reach a Yak camp at Japhuna at an altitude of 3,800m. Overnight camp.

Day 03: Japhuna – Jadula
The trail from Japhuna goes up and down over ridges for about 4hours to a small valley. Along the route there are many small lakes. Another 1 ½ hours climb through rhododendron shrubs brings you to Yak camp called Jaduna (altitude 4,100m) for an overnight stay. From the camp you can see the rocky peak of Mount Um Jomo, the highest peak in the Dagala range.

Day04: Jaduna – Labatama
There are two trails, one going to the left of Um Jomo over Hetsogue pass to the Hetso Hentso Lakes, and the other to the right of Um Jomo over Jomique pass to the Setso Yumtso Lakes. From Jaduna follow the trail that goes to the right of Um Jomo. After a climb of 1 ½ hours, arrival at the Jomique pass at an altitude of 3,360m. En route pass by Dungka Lake. From the pass, the mountains of northern Bhutan can be viewed. Then descend for about 2hours to Labatama Yak Camp, near Yumtso. Overnight camp.

Day 05: Labatama – Excursion
Excursion to Setso and the nearby Lakes. An easy 15-minute hike leads to Setso. Later you can go over a small ridge and then down to Jagetso, permitso or other destinations. Spend the day fishing and exploring and return to camp, for an early start with packed lunch following the same trail passing Jagetso and Dagetso to Jomique pass. From the pass, the climb to Um Jomo begins, after 2 hours of hard rock climbing, reach the Um Jomo summit at 5,050m. The summit will offer you with a spectacular view. Then descend back to camp.

Day 06: Labatama – Genekha
Leave the lovely pastures of Labana and the Dagala range and, after 2-hours gradually climb you will reach the highest point for the day at Pagalaptsa at 4,170m. Descend through rhododendron shrubs for 2 hours and then enter thick evergreen and oak forests for another 2 hours till Genekha. Overnight in the camp near the village.

Day07: Genekha – Thimphu
Follow the motor road for 2 hours till Charkilo, and then drive to Thimphu.